Wordcamp Jackson 2017

I first heard about the WordCamp Jackson event being organized a few weeks ago. I visited their site and saw that the organizers were some of the same fine people I met at WordCamp Ann Arbor last fall. I made the easy decision of purchasing a ticket and then looked the session tracks being offered. It seemed lighter than A2 which made me think that this would be a smaller more intimate gathering and it definitely was.

DIY WordPress…

Seth Ailling gave a talk covering many WordPress nuances that aren’t necessarily WordPress 101. He spoke about themes and plugins, free versus paid, and some of his favorite plugins such as Jetpack, Yoast, and Advanced Custom Fields.

I really enjoyed this talk, not because I learned a bunch of new stuff that would change my life; because it reinforced what I already knew and was verified by a respected authority within the WordPress community. This really made me feel good about myself and what I’ve committed to. As I move into the future with my digital agency I will definitely attend as many WordCamps as I can for the networking, learning new things and just being around great like-minded people.

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