Every entrepreneur regardless of where they are in their journey needs to find and utilize resources to help them achieve their goals. Below is a list of my favorite resources I’ve used along the way. This list will evolve as time goes on, but rest assured I only recommend resources I’ve actually used and found value in. I’m an affiliate of these resources so if you check them out and decide to make a purchase for your self I may earn a small commission. Thank you in advance if you choose to use my affiliate links.

Website Hosting

Having a website to showcase your brand, build your community, or sell your products online is super important to your success as an entrepreneur. Getting a website online is easier than you might think, but does require research and at least a basic understanding of the concepts that go into. Website Hosting in it’s most basic definition is the computer in which your website resides. I’ve used many hosts over the years and here are my recommendations. To learn more advanced hosting topics such as Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting Click Here.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a great option for your website, especially if you are just getting starting out. I have personally used A2 Hosting since 2014 for many of my own sites as well as my client websites. A2 Hosting has super fast servers, great pricing, and stellar support.  
 If you are building WordPress sites, A2 Hosting specializes in Managed WordPress Hosting. Featured Options Include – Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Managed WordPress Hosting.
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Best Shared Hosting!


This will one day grow to be it’s own page since training is such a broad term. For the sake of easy I’m included my very favorite training sites, mentors, and platforms. These are training method’s I’ve used and continue to use daily to grow.

Grant Cardone - Sales and Business Training

Few people fire me up the way Grant does. His energy and no nonsense/no excuses approach to business and life is truly inspiring. I’ve read all of his books multiple times. My favorites are Sell or Be Sold, 10X, and The Millionaire Booklet. 

I also use the 10X Planner every single day to help me stay on top of my goals and get more done!

Training for Entrepreneurs

Millionaire Booklet

More Resources Coming Soon.

Check back soon for additional resources to help you on your journey.

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