I wish it were real because I really admire Seth Godin. When he speaks, I listen.

The fact is I had a conversation with Mr. Godin in a dream early this morning. In the dream I was standing in an apartment discussing daily problems and challenges people face.

I wish I could remember more details from the dream, but I specifically remember Seth saying “The problems people face on a day to day basis are largely the same for everyone on the planet.”

He goes on to say “What’s different is how each person reacts to those problems.”

“Their attitudes towards these similar problems are affected by their financial ability to solve the problems quickly and easily.” “Challenges magically become lessened when you have the money to deal with them”

While obviously not a real conversation, it certainly felt real and I can still hear his voice ringing the quotes above. I like to think that I learned something real and profound, but I can’t say for sure if this is a true Seth Godin message.

It was pretty cool to spend a few minutes with this man.

To learn more about Seth, visit his blog here.