Who Is Fresh Doug Smith?

My name is Doug Smith. I’m a sales/operations management professional and entrepreneur from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I’m divorced, a father and big thinker. I’ve spent the last two decades working to emerge from extreme childhood poverty. I always wanted to ensure that my life as an adult would be at least 2X better than when I was a kid. Due to my work skills and willingness to do so my family will never go hungry, and will always have basic necessities, but my goal has always been more. My favorite quote of all time is “If better is possible, good is not enough” -Benjamin Franklin.
As of the founding of the website I’m an average paid salaried manager for a marketing company. We have a great product, and great clients. Though we’re a startup we just reached Inc 5000 after working our butts off for six years (I’ve been here for four) The bummer of it all is it’s not my company. Despite me being an employee I treat everyday as if I’m the owner of the company. I give all of myself to making sure we are successful in every aspect of the business. It can be exhausting at times.
As I write this and think about the reason for building this blog I realize that the plan isn’t going so well…I say it’s not going well because even though I bought a nice house, in a pretty good neighborhood, and my ex-wife and I drive new cars…. The fact is we only have these things because we are in debt for them. I work a lot just to maintain this standard of living that we created for ourselves prior to things falling apart and divorcing. To expand a little further on why It’s not going well I recently filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, and five months later files for divorce. During this time my net worth was calculated at -$91k. This really had me taken aback.
Ready for the climb…The climb I’m referring to is starting the bottom (maybe below the bottom) and working my way to where I want to be. 
My Long term Goals.
  1. To own and control multiple companies that I can run from anywhere in the world.
  2. To employee thousands of people with the goal of improving their lives and elevating them to the next level.
  3. To have a truly amazing life. A life where my family and I are focused on each other, our relationship and unforgettable life experiences.
  4. Found and run a nonprofit to honor my mother. She always wanted to be an author, but lacked the resources and confidence to work towards her goal. I can only assume this is happening to others. I want to make sure that aspiring authors follow their dreams.
  5. Found and run a nonprofit to honor my father. All he wanted to do was be a mechanic and work on cars, and while he had the natural ability, lacked the basic skills of reading and writing which severely limited his career options. I want to make sure that aspiring mechanics have the opportunity to follow their dreams.
  6. Be in the best shape of my life and feel good physically the vast majority of the time.
  7. Financial Freedom that allows me to do all of the things that are important to me. I don’t want to worry about minutia.
  8. Document my experiences and write books that will teach skills to millions of people.
  9. Invest in emerging technologies and businesses. Not just anything, but stuff that REALLY excites me.
  10. Have fun, be fulfilled and enjoy life every day.
  11. Leave planet Earth, visit outer space and set foot on another planet.
That’s barely scratching the surface of what I want to accomplish in my life, but those are some of the big ones I will periodically update my goals on the blog.
Financially, Personally and emotionally I’m starting FRESH, but the good news is I have a ton of experience and education. This grows every single day and no one can take that away from me. I am determined to hit my targets and this website will document this journey. It is my hope that I can inspire others on similar journeys as we go.
As I go through this journey I will share the tools and other resources I come across on the resources page.
-Doug Smith
Founder of FreshDougSmith.com

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