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Winners and Losers

Recently I’ve been thinking about mindset. Winners and losers from different perspectives specifically. Just about everything in life has a winner and loser in some fashion. Sports teams playing for a championships always yield a winner and a loser. Corporate employees up for a promotion either get it or don’t.   I used to think…


A Conversation with Seth Godin

I wish it were real because I really admire Seth Godin. When he speaks, I listen.   The fact is I had a conversation with Mr. Godin in a dream early this morning. In the dream I was standing in an apartment discussing daily problems and challenges people face.   I wish I could remember…

Morning Routine

The Power Of A Morning Routine

I never considered myself a morning person, EVER. In fact, I was one of the millions of people around the world that would often say “I’m not a morning person” This all started around age 13 when I would go down the street and stay the night at my friend’s house in the summer. His…