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Morning Routine

The Power Of A Morning Routine

I never considered myself a morning person, EVER. In fact, I was one of the millions of people around the world that would often say “I’m not a morning person” This all started around age 13 when I would go down the street and stay the night at my friend’s house in the summer. His…

Black Friday

Why I don’t do Black Friday anymore

Thanksgiving 2017 has come and gone, and with it so has the madness that’s become Black Friday. Tomorrow is Cyber Monday which will likely yield the single largest shopping day in the history of the world.   A history less. I’m not quite sure how far back Black Friday goes. I first heard about it…

Getting distracted at night

Seeking distraction

Lately I’ve been pondering focus and my ability to be focused on what’s important. More often than I’d like to admit I find myself seeking distraction. I come home from a long day at work with big plans to spend the evening working on my businesses. Around 4:00 pm while still at work I have…