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Getting distracted at night

Seeking distraction

Recently I’ve been pondering focus and my ability to be focused on what’s important. More often than I’d like to admit I find myself seeking distraction. I’ll come home from a long day at work with big plans to spend the evening working on my startup. Around 4:00 pm I have ideas on what I…

Becoming An Insurance Agent

Recently I was talking with my good friend Dennis about our careers and where life has taken us so far. He works for a large insurance company as an agency consultant. Every day he is on the road and helping his agents improve their business either through planning, sales training, or jumping in and selling…


Wordcamp Jackson 2017

I first heard about the WordCamp Jackson event being organized a few weeks ago. I visited their site and saw that the organizers were some of the same fine people I met at WordCamp Ann Arbor last fall. I made the easy decision of purchasing a ticket and then looked the session tracks being offered. It seemed…

Hello world!

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